World Health Organisation Confirmed 10 Cases of Polio in Syria After 14 years

The World Health Organisation (WHO) on 29 October 2013 confirmed ten cases of polio in Syria. This is the first outbreak in Syria in 14 years as polio virus was last reported in Syria in 1999.

World Health Organisation confirmed 10 cases of Polio in Syria after 14 years

Other 12 cases are being investigated by WHO. Maximum of the 22 people being tested are toddlers and babies.

In 2011, before the civil war began in Syria about 95 percent children were immunized against Polio in Syria After 14 years. But as per the estimated of United Nations about 500000 children have not been immunized. As per the WHO, Deir Ezzor on the Eastern Province is the suspected center for outbreak in the country.

Virus of Polio is generally highly infectious disease, which mainly infects children in overcrowded, unsanitary conditions via the consumption of the liquid or food that are contaminated with feces. The virus in general can be noticed only it starts crippling the children, whereas, it goes unnoticed when it attacks nerves and paralyze people. The WHO has reported increase in cases of measles, typhoid and hepatitis A.

About WHO

WHO is a coordinating and directing authority for health within the United Nations system. It is the body that is responsible to provide leadership on global health matters, shape the health research agenda, set norms and standards, articulate evidence-based policy options, provide technical support to countries and monitor and assess the health trends.


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