Vijay- India’s First Ever Dual Cab 4500 HP Freight Diesel Locomotive

Indian Railways has set the first ever Dual Cab 4500 HP Freight Diesel locomotive ‘Vijay’ in motion. The AC equipped locomotive with double cabins at both ends of the engine will offer the drivers a better range of view, speed and operation. Vijay, built by the Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW)-a production unit of Indian Railways at Varanasi, will be used in heavy haul freight operation.


                                                        India's First Ever Dual Cab 4500 HP Freight Diesel Locomotive

  • The expense is approximately Rupees 14.7 crore as compared to 14.38 crore which the single cab version cost

Other Features

  • 4500HP 710 G3B engine with inverter controlled three phase traction motor drive. 
  • The inverter control uses the state of the art IGBT technology
  • Latest Computerised Control Brake system improving response times and reliability.
  • TFT screen based integrated driver display similar to the one used in the aeroplanes
  • This system reduces eye fatigue, improves reliability and crew respons

Roadmap to future

Indian Railways is making consistent efforts to build higher speeds freight locomotives to better its services. The predominant single cab versions of these locomotives are effective in the sub 100 kmph operations but the increasing length of the locomotives has affected visibility seriously. The issue of better crew comfort is also there.

DLW (Diesel Locomotive Works), Varanasi

  • It mainly contributes towards production, technology upgradation and designing of new variants of locomotives.

Notable Roll-outs

  • Dual cab passenger locomotive WDP4D 
  • Hotel load locomotive 
  • 5500 Horse power locomotive WDG5 
  • And now the first ever Dual cab diesel freight locomotive WDG4D

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