Honduras Presidential Elections: Juan Orlando Hernandez Declared Winner

Following a week of uncertainity in the Presidential elections of central American Nation Honduras, its electoral tribunal has declared conservative candidate Juan Orlando Hernandez (National Party) as the clear winner. Earlier both the main candidates Hernandez and main opposition candidate Honduras Presidential elections (The Libre Party) claimed victory.

  • Though results from only 81.5% of the polling station have come, electoral tribunal termed the 35.88% vote of Hernandez as insurmountable and thus declared winner. Castro was trailing with 29.14% of vote.
  • He will replace Porfirio Lobo as the new President of Honduras following official declaration of results.
  • A lawyer and reserve army lieutenant, he fought election with a promise to strenghten law-and-order and passing a legislation that will give military a role in patrolling some of the country’s crime-beset cities.

                                        Honduras Presidential Elections
Xiomara Castro has alleged fraud (manipulation of 19 votes in favor of Hernandez) in the elections by Supreme Electoral Tribunal and has called for massive protests. She is the wife of ex-president Manuel Zelaya who was ousted from the post in 2009 coup and would have become Honduras Presidential Elections first ever Female President if won.

Hernandez election as the President has been welcomed by all other central American Nations and European Union and Organization of American States observers have termed elections as “Transparent and Fair”.


  • Known as one of the “world’s deadliest nation, this uncertainity could bring further troubles for a nation already struggling with gang violence, drug mafia and poverty.
  • highest murder rate in the world (average 20 per day)
  • used as a transfer point for shipping illegal drugs (mainly Cocaine) to USA from South America.
  • poorest country in the Americas after Haiti ; majority of the population living in poverty.



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