India-Afghan Fair Promotes Partnership in Innovation

KABUL – Representatives of dozens of regional businesses and assistance groups met in Kabul on Wednesday at an Indian-Afghan trade fair.

More than 700 participants and guests attended the opening ceremony and visited the exhibition where 19 Indian and 25 Afghan participants showcased their innovations. Organizers said the fair was tailored to bring Afghan individuals and organizations that are best-positioned to forge innovative meaningful business-partnerships with Indian counterparts.

                                                     India-Afghan Fair Promotes

Organized by the Kabul Chamber of Commerce and Industries (KCCI), the event is aimed at promoting commercial links between the two neighboring countries, India and Afghanistan.

He said that the partnership in innovations with India can help Afghanistan in achieving the targets of faster development.

“The fair’s goal is to provide greater opportunities to NGOs and private sector organizations in Afghanistan to introduce cost effective solutions to improve the quality of life.”

“Since 2003, combined domestic and international investment in Afghanistan has rocketed from $9 million to $2 billion annually. The country’s agriculture, health, construction, mining, and manufacturing sectors are absorbing the lion’s share of the investment capital,” Haji Mail Agha Khairkhwa, Chairman of KCCI said.

“Innovative solutions have helped India increase agriculture production, educate many more people in rural India and prevent diseases such as tuberculosis,” said H.E. Amar Sinha, Indian Ambassador to Afghanistan. “This innovation partnership will help Afghanistan in doing the same.” (PR)


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