Pakistan’s New Army Doctrine


MFN status: A level of status given to one country by another and enforced by the World Trade Organization. A country grants this clause to another nation if it is interested in increasing trade with that country. Countries achieving most favored nation status are given specific trade advantages such as reduced tariffs on imported goods. In a way it can be said as an “open-trade” policy.

Special consideration is given to countries that are classified as “developing” by the World Trade Organization.

APTOPIX Pakistan


Pakistan from its time of formation is directly or indirectly controlled by its Army. Any foreign policy of Pakistan deeply resembles the interests of the country’s armies that it deems fit. So, it is wise to look into the army doctrine of Pakistan to understand & solve problems with Pakistan New Army . Recently, it rolled another document of its doctrine.

What the new doctrine has to say?

⇒ This Doctrine calls itself as “army’s mother document” & “the fountainhead for all subordinate doctrines.

⇒ This doctrine belongs to the December 2011 & was preparation for the same was started in 2008. It took into consideration the Kargil War of 1999 & war like condition that followed the Indian Parliament Attack.

⇒ Identified growing Indian military power as disturbing to the equilibrium of the region (talks nothing about increasing Chinese military power)

⇒ Main issues according to them: i) Issue of Kashmir ii) violation of treaty arrangements on sharing of natural resources iii) organized and deliberate support by external powers to militant organizations

⇒ Didn’t name any country as a threat.

⇒ But accuses India of creating problems over the Indus water & backing terrorism.

⇒ It also took note of the heavy modernization of army that India took after 2001 Parliamentary attacks. But sees that both countries have expanded militarily & its nuclear weapon capabilities.

⇒ This De-Facto parity between India & Pakistan has lead to the likelihood of conventional war.

⇒ This deterrence used by both countries is disturbing & depleting at the same tie the peaceful diplomacy & dialogue. It is rapidly getting replaced with coercion & violence.

⇒ It states that Pakistan will use nuclear weapons only as the last resort, given its scale & scope of destruction. Nuclear power of both countries is not a military advantage but acts only as to maintain status quo.

⇒ It says that war is not going to being any advantage but integration between conventional & nuclear forces may stop open-ended arms race.

⇒ It suggests to at least creating credible minimum deterrence, based on a triad (land, sea & air) & an assured second-strike capability (if India strikes first).


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