Govt Issues Food Safety Guidelines For ICDS

The Centre has issued guidelines for food safety and hygiene to prevent contamination of supplementary nutrition provided to pregnant women and children under the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) scheme.

The guidelines, issued by the Ministry of Women and Child Development, bars anganwadi workers and helpers from wearing nail polish, artificial nails, wrist watches and any jewellery item like rings and bangles while cooking and serving food as these can carry foreign bodies and compromise hygiene.    Govt Issues Food Safety

The fingernails of the anganwadi workers and helpers must be trimmed and special attention should be given to cleaning them when washing hands.

Hair should be neatly tied up and covered and glass in any form should not be allowed in the cooking areas, according to the Operational Guidelines for Food Safety and Hygiene in ICDS.

A knowledge of food safety provides a basis for the development of intervention strategies at all staged between production and consumption, with the aim of preventing foodborne diseases. These strategies include inspection by government agencies and educational campaigns directed at food handlers, process operators and people preparing food. The points of intervention vary in accordance with the nature of the food chain in different countries. In Indonesia, for instance, a significant proportion of the food consumed is purchased from street vendors.

Guidelines on food safety have been developed for governments acting in partnership with nongovernmental organizations, the private sector, local communities and international community6. In 1991 the Industry Council for Development of the Food and Allied Industries (ICD) was approached by WHO and the German Technical Cooperation Agency (GTZ) for assistance with integrating food safety into the Master of Science degree programme in nutrition of the South East Asia Regional Centre for Community Nutrition, located in Jakarta, Indonesia.


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