Polio Vaccination For Pak Travellers Must From Feb 14

India on Friday announced that a new rule whereby all travellers from Pakistan would have to be vaccinated against polio would be implemented from February 14.

India had said last month that it would be mandatory for all persons adults or children travelling to the country from Pakistan to furnish proof of vaccination against polio from January 30.                              Polio Vaccination For Pak

“Travelers from Pakistan to India after January 30 will require carrying their vaccination record as evidence of polio vaccination. They will be requested to show their record of vaccination for entry into India,” said the statement.

India was removed from the World Health Organization’s list of countries where polio remains endemic in 2012. Pakistan, Nigeria and Afghanistan are now the only countries in the world where the highly infectious disease remains a problem.

The Pakistani polio virus has reportedly affected at least five countries in the past 23 months, and has become a threat to other countries as well.

Even the European health journal, The Lancet Medical Journal, has warned that the Pakistani polio virus could become a threat to Europe.



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