India Ranked At The Bottom of Intellectual Property Index

For the second consecutive year, India has been ranked at the bottom of 25 countries in terms of protection and enforcement of intellectual property practices, a US Chamber of Commerce report said today.

India has been a low seven point out of a maximum 30, with the United States topping the Intellectual Property (IP) index with 28.5 per cent.              India ranked lowest

A report by the Global Intellectual Property Center (GIPC) of the US Chamber of Commerce maps the IP environment of 25 countries from around the world utilising 30 factors, which are indicative of an IP environments that fosters growth and development.

“India, which again finished last in the second edition of the Index, continues to allow for the deterioration in its IP climate,” the report said adding that India continued to score lowest, most notably in categories relating to patents, copyrights, and international treaties.

China shows improvements in certain aspects of its patent regime, however, its overall IP environment continued to see challenges, particularly in regard to trade secret protection and enforcement.

The United States received the highest overall score, but came in third after the United Kingdom and France in the enforcement category.

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